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 Upholding values: Bayside Home Loans' Alexandra Kenward, Catherine Mapusua, Angela Marshall, Brodie Haupt and Drew Haupt with retiring former owner Chris Byrne.

Our Story

It is imperative to have someone you can trust help you with financial decisions, much like you need to see a specialist in the medical sector to help guide your health decisions. The team at Bayside Home Loans take client trust very seriously and genuinely want to educate and empower them to take control of their financial lives. Co-founder Catherine Mapusua said staff actually care about their clients and will support them with technology platforms to make managing their money easier.

“We aim to help the local community in the Bayside and bring our further service offerings,” she said. This is in light of the business takeover where new owners, including Catherine, vowed to uphold the same level of service provided while bringing in new contributions.

“Bayside Home Loans has been operating for 25 years and we have acquired this from Chris Byrne as he transitions into retirement,” said Catherine.

“Chris was very mindful of transitioning the business to like-minded people who had the same customer service level as he did.”

Chris also wanted to transition to local business leaders. Fellow co-founders Brodie and Drew Haupt grew up in the Bayside and attended the same Thornlands high school as his children. Completing the team includes Senior Finance Broker Steve Tahere, Finance Support Manager, Kate Moore, Senior Financial Consultant, Jake Haupt and Client relationship managers Carol Redgen and Cathy Haupt.

“We also have an office in James Street, Fortitude Valley with another 30 team members to help support the Bayside Home Loans acquisition,” said Catherine. “This is through our exisiting business Inception Finance.”

With the changeover, it’s business as usual with more diversity to educate and support the community.

“You always want to help the people where you are from. We were mindful to carry on Chris’s vision,” Catherine said.

Bayside Home Loans has extended their sevices to offer:

Comprehensive property + financial analysis • Tax management • Efficient loan structuring & Debt reduction • Asset finance options • Property investment strategies • Ongoing support systems • Digital finance tools (WLTH) • Portfolio modelling (Properlytics)

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